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Help, Advice and Recommendations To Help You Find The Most Reliable And Best Value Web Hosting Companies.


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Most of the better web hosting companies will include a free domain name in their packages, and there are certainly plenty of cheap website hosting options on offer. However, it is crucial to understand that price alone is not enough reason to choose a company to look after your web hosting.

There are a few excellent companies that provide cheap hosting, but the trick is finding out which ones these are. The truth is that there are a huge number of organisations which offer cheap website hosting and a free domain, but their performance and customer support is so awful that you end up paying dearly in other ways.

You must shop around to find the best value web host for your particular needs, but you have to narrow down your search to only those companies that you know will deliver what they promise in terms of bandwidth and, most importantly, customer support. The only way you can be sure about what you are going to get is to read reliable web host reviews and recommendations.

The vitally important thing about a review is that it cuts through all of the web host’s marketing blurb and promises and tells you what the reality of the situation is. You need to know what the people who have been actually using the web hosting company really think. A dollar less a month is pretty meaningless if it comes with regular down time and no effective help and support when you have problems.

The Uptime Guarantee

The whole idea of the internet is that websites are available 24 hours a day. Whatever it is you have to offer should be accessible around the clock to people all over the world. Even a small amount of down time is a problem. All web hosting companies will have technical difficulties at times, but the thing that separates them is how they deal with those problems when they crop up. The capability, knowledge and helpfulness of support staff is a vital ingredient in your hosting package.

The only way you can tell how good the technical support staff are for a web hosting company is to ask people who have had sites hosted by them and experienced problems. My web host review website is based on scouring the internet for user reviews and coming up with a list of the most consistently highly rated hosts, which also offer cheap hosting and free domain names.

You will find that the vast majority of web hosting companies will promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That sounds good, but it really is the bare minimum that you should expect. Even a down time of 0.1% is not great, and the fact that a host will promise this does not mean that they will deliver it. Again, the best way to be sure is to check reviews. The reality is often very different to the promise.

Disc Space And Bandwidth

One of the other fundamental things you will need to consider when selecting a host is the bandwidth and the disc space being provided. What you require will depend on the type of website you intend to have hosted. Unlimited bandwidth is a common promise, but what unlimited means can vary enormously and it will be defined somewhere by the hosting company. The only thing that you can be sure of is that what is on offer is not truly unlimited. It is more likely to mean unlimited for the size and type of site they expect you to be setting up.

All of the companies on my list of recommended web hosting companies offer unlimited disc space and bandwidth, and the packages I am suggesting for each one are based on a personal or small business website. For the typical demands of that sort of site there will certainly be no issues with limits. Issues with bandwidth are more likely to be an issue when you have a site that involves gaming, video streaming or storage of vast numbers of images, etc. Only by researching user reviews can you make sure you avoid the companies that will happily close down your site as soon as you go over some limit that you were not even aware existed.

Domain Names With Cheap Website Hosting

There are thousands of domain name registrars that you can use to get your own domain name, but you can also get a free domain name with all the best web hosting companies when you first sign up. It does not cost much to register a domain, but it is certainly convenient and cheap to do it when you sign up with a host if you have not already registered the domain you require.

Choosing The Right Provider For Cheap Website Hosting and Domain Name

If you want a cheap web host you can save yourself a lot of time by starting with my list of recommendations. It is compiled after trawling the net for feedback and reviews and finding the web hosts whose customers are the happiest with their hosting. These have then been examined in terms of the packages they offer and I have set out all the best ones that offer good value hosting for someone requiring an average small to medium scale website.

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