Biography Of Artist Susana Garza – Resume and Artist Statement

Biography Of Artist Susana Garza

Background Information and Artist's Statement

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Biography Of Artist Susana Garza

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About The Artist

Susana Garza

Born October 11 1966 in Monterrey Mexico

Susana Garza is a contemporary artist who is continually developing and creating new styles of abstract art. She is always in search of new techniques and innovative forms and structures to use in her art.

She travelled to Buenos Aires in Argentina in search of a great artist who inspired her into surrealism. She returned to Monterrey where she continued her studies with the best teachers known in this city and became involved in the world of abstract art.

She has participated in several exhibitions in Mexico as well as in the United States and has sold well over 500 paintings to collectors around the world.


Bueno Aires, Argentina
Teacher: Clara Bellusci
Technique: Oil

Monterrey, Nuevo León
Teacher: Fernando Cervantes
Technique: Acrylic

Monterrey, Nuevo León
Teacher: Lupina Flores
Technique: Acrylic

Monterrey, Nuevo León
Teacher: Lucía Sáenz
Technique: Acrylic

2005, Monterrey, Nuevo León
Teacher: Gabriela Villarreal
Technique: Acrylic


2000 Individual Exposition Hilton Garden Inn, Mty. N.L.

2001 Colective Exposition "San Petrinas Unidas por el Arte" Mty.N.L.

2002 Collective Exposition Quinta Real Hotel Mty. N.L.

2003 Collective Exposition Red Cross Mty. N.L.

2003 Individual Exposition Galeria Blanco y Negro Mty. N.L.

2006 Collective Exposition "Contemporary Mexican Masters" Austin, Tx

2007 Individual Exposition San Agustin Church Mty. N.L.

Susana Garza in the studio

Susana In Her Studio

Artist's Statement - Susana Garza

"I have been painting for many years now. I started painting just for fun but soon I couldn't stop and was always looking forward to learning more. I just couldn't get enough.

At this time I was living in Buenos Aires so I looked for a good teacher there. When I found Clara Bellucci I found surrealism fascinating and followed that current for some time.

When I went to bed at night I fell asleep thinking of my next art project…..the colors I was going to use this time, the feeling I wanted to express through that painting. I really dreamed with colors and figures in my head and got excited just to see a huge canvas in from of me the next day.

After exploring the surrealism current I came back to Monterrey Mexico which is my hometown and continued my art journey, this time getting involved in the abstract current. I started studying abstract with the best teachers in Mexico and realized this was what I wanted to paint.

I also changed my technique from oils to acrylics now. From drawing for hours my surrealistic idea to feeling absolutely free in front of a canvas. Abstracts gave me that freedom! Textures were an important part of this new technique and the colors were live and more vivid than oils. Many ideas came to my head now, so many colors, so many textures and so much fun. I have painted abstracts for many years now and have been involved in many individual and collective art exhibitions.

I have painted so many abstract paintings that I lost count by now but I remember each and every one of them. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people through my art and I feel very happy when I send my abstract art painting to someone I don’t know and then hear about them telling me they are very excited and pleased with their new painting. That just makes my day!

Travelling is one of my great passions. I started visiting museums everywhere I went and noticed so many styles, which have influenced me throughout the years. Of course Mexico has a very rich artistic environment too full of colors and shapes.

I am now the mother of two adorable baby girls which are the love of my life. I work hard for them every day and have the true joy of working in what I really love to do... paint.

Thanks to all the people that have believed in my work and have acquired one or more of my abstract pieces. It has been a great honour and I hope to do it for many more years."

Susana Garza

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