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Abstract Paintings | Contemporary Painting

Abstract Paintings By Keith Garrow

Abstract Paintings - Abstract Art - Golden Waves

Abstract Paintings | Abstract Art

Welcome to my website. You can click on the image above to see more of my own abstract paintings, or you can click on the image below to see a selection of work by the superb Mexican artist Susana Garza.

Abstract Art by Susana Garza

abstract art astract paintings susana garza

Abstract Art - Click The Above Image To See Susana Garza's Work

I am delighted to be helping to promote the work of Susana Garza, and amazing artist from Mexico, who has her wonderful abstract art in hundreds of collections in countries all around the world.

You can buy Susana's paintings direct from this site, using Paypal, and you do not even need a Paypal account. Once you buy an artwork, I will notify Susana, who will then ship your artwork direct to your home. Visit her online gallery now.

Abstract Paintings – Art Prints and Books Too

I appreciate that my own paintings will either be of some interest or not, so I have tried to include other things on this site which I hope you may find interesting. To this end I have created pages where you can browse a range of top quality prints and books by some of my favourite abstract artists. We can’t all have an original Rothko or Picasso on wall, but there are some fabulous reproductions available. For further information see my Art Prints page and my Art Books page.

Abstract Paintings - About This Site

I’m sure you can tell that I didn’t pay a classy designer to produce this site for me. I put it together myself simply as a way of getting my abstract paintings online, and it is still work in progress. I knew nothing at all about website design or promotion when I started, and if I’d known how much there was to not know, I might not have started!

Let's just say I learned an awful lot in the year it took to get this site from not existing at all, to ranking in the top handful of sites on Google for all my main search terms. I go into more detail about my thoughts on how artists or anyone else can get online on my How To create A Website page and you can find advice on selecting a web hosting company on the Web Host Review page.

One of the main things I discovered is that there is little point having a fantastic looking website displaying the most amazing abstract art if no-one sees it. Sites need to be designed to please search engines, otherwise no-one can find them. Designing and promoting a site to rank high in search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and without it your website may as well not exist. I go into some detail and share many of the most important aspects of SEO on my Search Engine Optimization pages. I went from not having heard fo SEO to getting this site into the top 10 out of several million for all my main keywords. The SEO pages tell you how.

Abstract Art – Buying A Contemporary Painting

The abstract paintings you will find on this site are created using oil paint on stretched cotton canvas. All paintings shown in the Gallery pages are for sale unless otherwise stated.

Buying abstract art is easy - payment is simple and the paintings will be shipped straight to your door, wherever you live. Please go to the 'Sales Information' page for details of how to purchase your own original and unique abstract paintings. When you purchase contemporary paintings through this website you will be saving on gallery commission and getting the best price possible. Dealing directly with me through my website allows you to save on gallery fees and ensure you get the best deal.

While I have tried to price the works reasonably, I am happy to negotiate on prices, if you look at the enlarged image of each abstract painting in the gallery pages you will see that there is a facility on there to make an offer.

If you would like to ask any questions or require further information on the paintings in the Online Art Gallery, or if you wish to make a comment regarding the website, please go to the Contact page

Abstract Art - About The Artist

I studied painting for four years and graduated in Fine Art in 1987. My particular style of abstract painting has gradually developed since then. I was heavily influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists while studying Fine Art, and for me painting is primarily a means of self expression. The expressive process of creating each painting is as important to me as the finished artwork itself.

While all the paintings are abstract, ambiguous shapes and forms are visible in the finished composition, which are suggestive of different things to different people. This ambiguity is very important to me. These abstract paintings are ones in which the viewer can perceive different things each time they look at the paintings. For more information on my approach to abstract painting, go to the About The Artist page.

Abstract Art and How To Understand It

The first thing to say is that Abstract Paintings aren’t any one single thing, there are all sorts of approaches to abstract art with extremely different results. My own interest and approach is in the tradition of abstract expressionism, with the idea of the artist as subject, an intuitive approach and self expression high up the agenda.

When asked what his subject matter was, the Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock famously remarked “I am the subject”. The point being that you don’t need an external point of reference in order to create a painting. Having said that, it is inevitable that e1xternal factors do have an influence and show through in the resulting abstract paintings.

What Pollock is saying is that it is who he is that makes his paintings what they are. He is the sum of his own unique experiences, and it the combination of this and his particular memories, mood, environment, etc that result in his paintings.

It is a shame that abstract art is not widely appreciated, and in the UK at least our education system has to take at least part of the blame. There is still a widespread perception that abstract paintings are either created by people because they can’t do ‘proper’ paintings, or that they are in fact trying to do a proper painting, but failing badly.

For further information on my ramblings on the subject of abstract paintings see my Understanding Abstract Art essay.

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